3 Ways HBCUs Can Innovate for the Future through Communications

Feb 15, 2023 | Strategic Communications

HBCU culture and history are experiencing a renaissance in today’s pop culture as more and more people become aware of the contributions these prestigious institutions have made to the world. HBCUs must capitalize on this momentum boost by remaining creative and becoming innovative in how the schools are presented and branded. How can they do that? Here are three ways to prepare and innovate for the future through communications.

1. Leverage social media.

Current students, prospective students, and families use social media for leisure or research purposes. Developing and maintaining an active social media presence that consistently posts about news, events, and accomplishments at your HBCU will put the school at the top of the minds of students and families looking for their next school home.

2. Identify and align with trusted media partners.

Narratives are essential, especially for HBCUs. Finding media partners you can trust with your HBCU’s history, tradition, and branding is an important task. Research and vet potential partners to ensure that they are not only experienced and equipped for the job but also understand the importance of promoting HBCU culture.

3. Create and implement a strategic communications plan to consistently communicate with stakeholders.

To brand, market, and promote takes planning. A strategic communications plan is a vital cog in the machine. Strategic communications plans help keep HBCU stakeholders in the loop with everything that is happening at the university as well as inviting them to participate and get involved with the school’s mission and vision.

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