5 Ways School Leaders Can Effectively Communicate With Millennial Parents

Jan 13, 2023 | School Enrollment

As a school leader, it’s important to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, including parents. But when it comes to millennial parents, there are certain strategies that can be particularly effective. In this post, we’ll explore 5 ways school leaders can effectively communicate with millennial parents.

1. Amplify The Voices of Parents, Students & School Community  

Millennial parents act on the advice of family and friends, so a good way to drum up interest for your school is to have teachers, staff and students share with local residents all the great programs, stats and events happening at your school. 

Whether it’s high test scores and academic achievement or the latest school spirit day, word of mouth is an invaluable tool. Empower families and students to share those things with their community so prospective parents can get an inside look at the culture of your school. 

2. Leverage Social Media

Many millennials have access to smartphones and social media, making accessibility and engagement a low-lift endeavor. 

Utilizing social platforms to communicate with parents can be highly effective. Consider creating an informative Instagram account, or parent-focused Facebook group through which you can share updates, application deadline reminders, and other important information. 

By updating  your social media channels regularly, you have the opportunity to tell your own story,  show prospective parents and guardians the great things happening on your campus, and allow them to decide if your campus is the right fit for their child.

3. Invest In Your School’s Online Presence

Millennial parents were born in the internet age. Their first impression of your school will  be driven by what they find online. With that in mind, your website, and an updated, easy-to-navigate enrollment page is key. 

Having a strong online presence allows prospective parents and  students to access information about the school at any time, from anywhere. This can include information about the school’s mission, programs, events, admission deadlines and policies.

4. Create Opportunities For In-Person Engagement 

While many families have access to the internet and social media, one in four households do not. 

With that in mind, traditional mail (flyers, brochures, welcome letters) and phone calls are necessary alternatives to internet-based outreach. 

Prepare flyers, brochures and other informative collateral to have available in your campus’ main office.  Provide your enrollment staff with a script for phone calls to reach every available potential parent. Additionally, consider hosting  open house events to give families  a chance to visit your school and experience campus culture for themselves. This is an excellent opportunity to engage them, and pique their interest in your campus.

5. Empower Staff Members To Become Advocates 

While administration and leadership will lead the way in your enrollment campaign, teachers and staff  will play a critical role in promoting your school to prospective students and parents.  

Millennial parents have a healthy respect for teachers, so  leveraging your staff to share the wonderful environment and experience your school offers will be impactful. Encourage your faculty to become cheerleaders and advocates for your campus by equipping them with pertinent enrollment information.

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