Downloadable Crisis Communications Templates

Our downloadable crisis communication package provides you with everything you need to quickly and effectively communicate with your stakeholders during a crisis. For just $1000, you’ll receive templates for the top 10 crises that occur at schools, including emails to parents and staff, social media information, website information, media statements, receptionist talking points and more. Our templates are customizable and designed to help you communicate in your school or district’s voice.

For Schools and School Districts

Are you prepared for a crisis at your school or district?

Be prepared to lead with transparency and build trust this school year!

Bonus: Crisis communications training video that can be utilized individually or at an upcoming leadership team or principal’s meeting.

In-Person Crisis Communications Training

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare for a crisis. Our in-person crisis communications training equips schools and districts with the skills and tools needed to effectively manage a crisis and communicate with stakeholders.

For $7500, we’ll conduct a training at your school or district, customize templates in your school/district’s brand voice, and provide you with a recording, deck, and facilitation guide so you can offer future sessions to your staff. Our training is designed to prepare you to handle any crisis that may come your way.

Bonus: Includes the downloadable crisis communications package!

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