School Spirit for the Holidays: Ways you can help make the holidays brighter for your students

As schools are getting set for a substantial winter break between the end of December and beginning of January, some students and families could use a little extra help during the holiday season.  

Here are some ways that schools and school districts can be a light during the holiday season through community service and resources.

Elementary And Primary School Education. Portrait of smiling small boy sitting at table in classroom, writing or drawing in notebook, looking away at window. Reopening and return back to school
  1. Free breakfast/lunch programs

A great way to keep your students happy and healthy during the winter break is to ensure that they aren’t hungry. 

As growing minds and bodies need nourishment, offering students free or reduced meals during the holiday break keeps their minds on relaxation and recharging for January – instead of worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

  1. Partner with community/philanthropic groups for book/toy drives

Finding organizations with a focus on community and giving back not only helps  the community, but it also helps the school/school system itself. Consistently showing up to meet the needs of the community allows community members to see your school as a trustworthy resource for their children. 

Partner with a group to sponsor and/or host a book and toy drive that can bring the community together to experience the joy of giving.

Portrait close up of an African American schoolboy standing holding a seedling plant in a jar of earth and smiling to camera during a nature study lesson in an elementary school classroom, with his teacher and classmates in the background
  1. Keep lines of communication open

Students and educators have a well-deserved break coming; however, it’s still important to keep lines of communication open with parents/guardians and the community where possible.  From sharing information about possible events or offers during the holiday break to providing updates on what to expect when school reopens after the new year, parents/guardians, students and the school community as a whole want to be in the know. Sharing news, information and updates is a great way to show that you value their input and in turn, they will value yours.

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