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  • Speaking with clarity and confidence can significantly change a leader’s impact- from meetings and media engagement to panels and presentations. A confident leader needs strong professional communication skills to take their work – and the work of the organizations they lead – to the next level. 
  • SMJ’s Education Leadership Coaching Program provides personalized skill development and training to help leaders  enhance their understanding of the importance and impact of communications as a key tool to effectively lead and represent organizations.

  • Leadership Coaching sessions include an initial skills assessment, delivery and speaking tips, coaching centered on building connection and empathy through your message, strategies for effective storytelling, coaching on how to organize your message, 1:1 practice opportunities, and office hours and/or tailored messaging support.


Media Training
  • The media training session is focused on developing an understanding of the current media landscape and how reporters and the media work in your space and industry. As applicable, the session will provide opportunities to analyze your organization’s current media sentiment and assess opportunities and areas of growth.


  • Through this session, attendees will learn media interview preparation tips, interview techniques and norms, how to incorporate messaging and key points into the interview, and participate in a 1:1 simulated media interview with a former and/or current reporter.
social Media Training
  •  The social media training session is focused on developing an understanding of  how to use your social media channels to build community, engagement, and help generate awareness and interest. With a strategic and informed approach, you can get the most out of your social media pages and leverage them as great tools for two-way communication. 


  • Through this session, attendees will learn social media engagement tips, ideal times for posting and sharing content, strategic social media content recommendations, posting techniques and norms, and how to use social media to increase reach, followers, and awareness. This session can be tailored for varying levels of social media experience.
Crisis Communication Training
  • The crisis communications training session is focused on developing an understanding of what a crisis really is and providing a clear understanding of best practices for timely, effective and clear crisis communications. The session will provide opportunities to assess different crisis scenarios that are applicable to your organization and/or work, learn the tenets of a crisis communications process, and learn how to effectively prepare communications for crisis situations.


  • Through this session, attendees will learn how to engage stakeholders and target audiences and navigate the media during a crisis. Attendees will also participate in a simulated mock press conference with their peers or colleagues.
Recruitment & Family Engagement Training
  • The recruitment and family/community training session is designed to help district and school leaders develop an understanding of the power of marketing and communications in family engagement and recruitment. The session will provide an overview of the current state of enrollment in your area/region/district/network and provide insight into how families select a school and what they value in the education option for their children.


  • Through this session, attendees will learn how to speak to, connect and engage with families. Attendees will also develop an elevator pitch they can use when engaging with families and the community, and they will participate in an elevator pitch exercise to gather feedback and help further tailor and refine their pitch.

How We Work

We are committed to ensuring we effectively address your needs and exceed your expectations.  Here’s how we work:

Our Process

Discovery Call

This call helps us learn more about your work, your priorities, what’s keeping you up at night… giving us a clear picture of how we can help.

Project Proposal

We use the insights gained in our call to develop a clear and robust proposal for your review.

Proposal Review

Once you assess it, we can make any final adjustments necessary to ensure we’re aligned on timelines, deliverables and our overall approach to the work.

Kickoff Call

We start our partnership with an initial kickoff call. It’s time to make magic together!